The creation of the world is mostly ignored by scribes, the two most accepted theories for the creation of the world are divine intervention and random natural confluences.

This dichotomy between the existence of the gods and natural evolution colours everything the people believe.

Primordial Era

The first era is both the most known and least understood of the lost age, dragons seem to know some of it, but they only speak of it in riddles.
What we can be sure of is that magic highly saturated the world, life was blooming, and apparently, dragons.

A padding era that must exist for the rise of civilization where the amount of magic diminishes and the first few animals, followed by sentient beings and humanoids, is implied but mostly not put down on paper.

Slavery Era

The beginning of this era saw the rise of the strongest, mostly giants and hobgoblins who enslaved the other races.
The revolt brought this era to an end, which meant a great war, and maybe the split in orcs between the mostly good, shamanic tribes and the evil, unrestricted clannish that raise hordes and attack once in a while.


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